Mother Makers is a network for exchange and dialogue for mothers trying to find their way back into their art/design practice after having children. Mother Makers actively examines the process of art production as a mother with the aim of developing strategies and creating opportunities that are tailored specifically towards the needs of the maker-mother. It is a support system for creating work that embraces the limitations of childcare at it’s core. By seeking visibility it is our intention to reclaim a space within art and design, as well as in the wider arts for mothers like ourselves.

We are mothers who make. We make and care with equal commitment, drive and energy. We aim to make visible and challenge prevailing attitudes towards motherhood and creativity through active engagement within art and design. Often motherhood has been seen as the antithesis of the production of worthy art. We reject this outdated mode of thinking and propose the presence of motherhood as an essential part of women’s work being valued accurately.

You can contact Laura and Laurie at mothermakersarehere(at)gmail.com


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