About the Founders

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 22.43.31.pngLaura Bradshaw-Heap (IRE) is a freelance curator, arts practitioner, ethnographer and mother. She has a MSc in social and cultural anthropology from University College London and an MA in design from London Metropolitan University. Bradshaw-Heap is most interested in projects that are research based and involve turning the audience into active participants in some way. Her methods are drawn from across disciplines. Her research interests include the making economy, performativity, aesthetics, the politics of voice, feminist studies and participatory art.


Laurie and Lily

Laurie Schram’s (NL) often satirical work revolves around themes of a socio-political nature and status through objects. A relationship between the fictional and the non-fictional has been an important theme. Schram graduated from the Royal College of Art with work mainly focused on altering existing currencies and creating new ones by combining countries and rewriting narratives. She went on to build a fictional jewellery factory as Schram&Sandhu focussing on collaborative work as well as writing and recently having a child.